Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Canadian immigration proposes stricter marriage requirements

31 March 2011
The Canadian government has proposed a new rule which would require a person coming to stay in Canada with their partner to stay in the relationship for two years before being granted permanent residence.
The stricter requirement is an attempt by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to crack down on fraudulent marriages.Under the new proposal, a spouse or partner from overseas who has been in a relationship with their Canadian partner for less than two years would only be granted conditional permanent residence.If the overseas partner failed to stay in the relationship, or it can be shown that it is not a genuine relationship, conditional permanent residence could be revoked.The USA UK and Australia  already have similar laws in place.The Canadian government has also proposed to introduce a "sponsorship bar". This would prevent those who gained entry to Canada themselves as sponsored partners and spouses from sponsoring a new partner for five years.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Australian immigration to favor Irish nationals

Australia's points based immigration system, the General Skilled Migration programme, will see changes that will mean more points for applicants with good English language skills.
Immigrating to Australia will be easier for highly skilled Irish workers, especially for those with experience in medicine, engineering, accounting, and construction.
The Irish are no stranger to Australia's shores: tens of thousands of visas were issued to Irish nationals last year, with that number expected to increase due to rising unemployment in Ireland.
In addition, many parts of Australia will see the need for increases in skilled migration, particularly disaster-struck Queensland. Businesses are desperate to attract foreign workers to assist with the reconstruction efforts after the recent floods.
Australian firms are also set to start a number of natural resource projects in the mining sector, and mining firms are keen to hire as many overseas workers as possible.
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