Monday, September 6, 2010

Hong Kong is the place to be.

There are more than a billion Chinese in the world. Start getting acquainted with some of them in Hong Kong, home to six million people with a unique global perspective. We know China (most of us have that background), and we're well-traveled, multi-lingual, and modern.

Don't worry, we speak English. It's one of our official languages, in fact, and the lingua franca for our vibrant international community. If you're the adventurous type, pick a dialect - you can learn Cantonese to chat with the locals in their mother tongue, or pick up Mandarin and get a foot across the border in the People's Republic.

The qualifications that you'll receive from Hong Kong's educational institutions are internationally recognized, meaning you can use your Bachelor of Science in Biology from Brussels to Bangkok.

... but we will anyway. Our institutions are among the best in the world - and The Times of London agrees! Hong Kong was well represented in the 2007 World University Rankings, higher (and better value!) than most of our counterparts in North America and Europe. It's no wonder that Hong Kong is a regional hub for academic endeavors. Come study, research, and share with us!

Hong Kong is home to eight government-funded universities offering dozens of major areas of study. You'll be happy to know that all of them use English as medium of instruction for most of their courses. Many offer crash courses in Chinese language so that foreign students can make the most of their stay. Certain institutions also conduct some courses in Putonghua for Mainland students, or for those who are proficient in the language.

Hong Kong's universities emphasize whole-person development, meaning you'll be given a broad perspective on life, culture, and ethics, as well as gaining practical experience to take your academic endeavors beyond the classroom and into the real world.
A stimulating intellectual environment attracts high-caliber professors from around the globe. They and their students are renowned for excellence, including Nobel laureates, prize winners for new technology, literary giants, and linguists. The rest of the world has paid attention - several of our institutions made the top 200 in both Newsweek and the Times Higher Education Supplement's World University Rankings since 2006.
An agreement with Mainland China guarantees the compatibility of Hong Kong and Chinese programs of study. Some universities even allow foreign students to "study abroad" for a year or two in Beijing or Shanghai!
For a respected degree recognized the world over, you can get a Bachelor of Arts, Science, Law, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Journalism, or one of a great many others... and these are just a sampling of what's on offer in Hong Kong! .

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