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Sweden Visas, Permits and Immigration

VISASweden200Swedish passports are issued only to citizens of Sweden. Passports are solely for international travel purposes. Passports also serve as proof of a legitimate Swedish citizenship. It provides assistance from Swedish consular bureaucrats abroad or other European Union Members in the absence of the Swedish consular. A passport is not required when staying or traveling in one or more of the Schengen countries if the Swedish national has an identity card. Swedish nationals and other European Union citizens are free to stay in any Schengen country provided they register with the country’s embassy.

This was reiterated in General Expat Discussion last December 23, 2008:
I am an Australian under 30 and my country has a reciprocal arrangement with both
So as long as I get a Visa for one of those 2 countries, and as long as I do not work outside the country of the Visa, could I then travel within the Schengen area for the entire duration of the visa

Swedish Passports

Swedish Police issue passports. Applications for passports are safe since local police stations within the country file the applications. Police stations in Sweden have passport offices. These provide mutual security between the government and its people.
In 2005, immigration officials of Sweden used the biometric passport variety. Adult Swedish citizens receive passports with a10-year validity, and children get passports valid for 5 years. Blue-covered passports issued in 1998 are no longer valid. This is due to widespread cases of fraud and forgery as well as inadequate security.
The Swedish Visa Section at the Swedish Consulate or Embassy only gives early appointment dates for emergencies like the death of relative’s. Proof such as an official letter from the hospital or the undertaker needs to be presented in these cases. This is a requirement to allow entry and remain in Sweden and other Schengen states for a short period of time.
Foreign nationals need a type of permit called entry visa to enter Sweden. The initial requirement for foreign nationals who wish to visit Sweden for a temporary visit is an entry visa. Examples of temporary visits are:
•    business trips for conferences, meetings and special projects;
•    tourist holidays;
•    passing through Sweden in transit; and
•    visiting friends, relatives and the like.
The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Sweden keeps a detailed listing of countries whose citizens must acquire a visa to enter Sweden. There are also particular guidelines that need be fulfilled for the issuance of a visa to Switzerland. Some of these include adequate finances, travel insurance and a valid passport at least three months after final date of issued visa.

General Requirements for Swedish Visas

Applicants must present the following required documents to enter Sweden:
•    fully completed and signed application form;
•    a declaration form;
•    2 passport-sized pictures;
•    original copy of the applicant’s national passport;
•    a photocopy of the passport;
•    original copy of the official resident visa;
•    proof of hotel bookings in Sweden, group travel, or airline ticket reservations meant for Sweden;
•    duplicates of the documents mentioned above;
•    original copy and a duplicate of the confirmation letter from the health insurance stating the coverage of their benefits;
•    original copy and a duplicate of the applicant’s most recent bank statements; and
•    the visa fees for the applicant’s Swedish visa.

Sweden Immigration Policy

Visa on Arrival and Visa-Free Travel

According to the study done by Henley and Partners, Sweden has an Index of 120 Henley Visa Restrictions. This means Swedish nationals enjoy access to 120 countries and territories without getting a visa. This visa-free travel is only valid for short-term visits for tourism purposes.
Sweden is currently ranked as the 2nd country with the best international travel sovereignty. Sweden shares the 2nd place with Germany and Ireland.

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